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2nd December 2019 - 20th December 2019

Christina Papaioannou & Charoula Nikolaidou

J/M Gallery, 230 Portobelo Road, London, W11 1LJ

11am - 6pm, Monday - Thursday
11am - 8pm, Friday - Saturday

The work of Christina Papaioannou and Charoula Nikolaidou can be assessed as an active stage where the body and the spirit converge and diverge, the external and internal world, love - loneliness, emphatically emphasising the animosity of life and the poetry of painting, as a cathartic value against this agony.

The captive narratives and the boundless renderings are juxtaposed in an ability to reinforce defined boundaries as well as openness in creative activity, as they grant the ability to create new texts constantly. An inexhaustible wealth of playful scenarios are emergent: the “Object of the Imagination,” the “Unlimited”, the “Anorioton”.

Charoula Nikolaidou CV | Christina Papaioannou CV